An Introduction to the Worlds of Me; High Lord and Master of the Universe!

Well, I’d wanted to chronicle my continuing descent into exactly where I am now for a while, along with some snarky reviews of YA books and some updates about the many novels I’m writing which will likely never see the light of outside my room. Like all good disorganised procrastinators, I have several on the go at once, and I may as well list them here:

  • “Rooks of the Knot”, a YA dystopian series, the first part of which is being sent to agents as I type this. I aim to have as many rejections as possible recorded here for your enjoyment! There’s also a set of short prequels I’m about half-way through, fun for the whole family!
  • “Evo”, YA paranormal romance… sort of. An attempt to see if such a book can be done and done to a standard I would consider ‘well’. Not gotten very far at the moment, though I think my concept’s solid.
  • “Untitled”, as in, I haven’t thought of a title yet. A high-fantasy tale which is also only a few thousand words done right now, somewhere between adult and YA. New Adult? I couldn’t say.
  • “518”, first part in a series of sci-fi, adult too; I suppose. Getting a lot further with this one these days, four chapters and a prologue finished, several other bits plotted out.
  • “Dolorelamia”, steampunk bordering on adult book started much earlier than any of the rest of these. There’s a lot of it done; tens of thousands of words, but it needs massive overhaul and I probably won’t get back to it for a while.

What are the chances of any of the above working out well for me? Well, I’m no mathematician, so I’d have to say: 100% chance I will be more popular than Rowling, Meyers, Collins, Agatha Christie and the Bible by next year!

Enjoy the ramblings of my diseased mind! Mwahahahahahaha!


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