Some “Amazing” Visuals

I’ve been thinking about the kinds of things I could put on this blog (it was a stroke of genius to wait until after I started it, I know) and I realised I don’t just write my novels down–I have supplementary material in notebooks; including drawings! Pictures are always fun, right?

Anyway, I’m not the best artist in the world, but I’ve decided to post some of my illustrations as well as the text excerpts to act as teasers–these are some of the aliens I designed for my sci-fi novel ‘518’… if I can figure out how to upload an image:

518 Drawings A

Ah, that seems to have done it! Anyway, these are two of the species who appear as main characters in a novel where Earth has been taken over by a massive alien empire. These are some of the junior members of the empire, Fredeks and Saraketeisians (the spelling on the drawing is wrong, unfortunately). Fredeks are described in the novel as having skin roughly the colour and texture of a Galapagos iguana, while Saraketeisians are a rose pink or lilac colour with multi-coloured patterns like butterfly wings on their frills.

I might also upload maps and family trees I’ve done for other novels, I usually have the most fun on those. I do also do human character designs, but I don’t think those are even as good as my above drawings.

… I may still inflict them on unsuspecting blog-watchers though!


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