Thousands of Words (or Not)

Three stunning images to delight your eyes today—they’re worth a thousand words. Actually I hope they aren’t, because if I had to spend a thousand words just describing the Wyken then I think my readers would get very bored indeed.

First up, the first page of ‘Serendipity’, so those of you who have been following can see how neatly planned out it was.Serendipity

Next, the Wyken, another of the aliens from the 518 novel. There is only one Wyken in the book, one of the top-ranked fourteen detectives of the alien empire that takes over earth, but he comprises three characters because Wykens are notorious for having what we’d call Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Multiple Personalities–and even change colour depending on which personality is operating.

518 Drawings B

Wykens have skin with the same texture as a seal, patterned a bit like a fire salamander and in the case of the primary personality; the same yellow and black in colour. The other creature I made a rough representation of on this page is called a ‘Blight’, though that’s not the proper name of the species, they’re just really hated by the empire, as they work for a different empire and are supermassive intelligent viruses that assimilate large creatures whole.

In another week I’ll give you a Selena, the primary species in the Selena Empire.

Finally something I just decided to post for no good reason; my rendering of the Green Knight from Gawain and the Green Knight. He’s not exactly as he’s described in the text, as this was actually an idea for a character in another story I haven’t actually done any work on (yeah, that list I made in my first post? Not entirely exhaustive), but the Green Knight is my favourite medieval romance, and one of my favourite pieces of literature of all time, so here you go.

Green Knight

It’ll also give you some ideas as to my skills in drawing people, which may prepare you for when I start posting drawings I’ve done of some of my human characters.


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