Showered With Praise…

I was nominated for an award! Not the High Lord and Master of all Matter that I was hoping for, but still, not bad! Details and my nominator’s blog here: 

Check them out, they do gud pickchers. 🙂

I can’t nominate 10 other blogs for the award, as most of the ones I’m following have over 200 followers, but I do want to participate, so I’ll answer the questions that have been put forward:


1. Which artist inspires you most?

Usually unknown artists from days of yore, though I do like Blake and the guy who painted The Nightmare. Also, I’ll always have a soft spot for Cicely Mary Barker.

2. Which historical figure would you most like to meet?

The Pearl Poet, so I could kidnap him and get him to write more Arthurian stuff.

3. Which historical figure would you most like to be?

The Pearl Poet, so I could write in alliterative Middle English verse.

4. What is your favourite word (in any language) and why?

Currently it’s ‘cinereous’, a word I found after literally minutes of searching for an alternative to silver when describing one of my character’s hair.

5. Which animal/insect scares you most?

In the immortal words of Nicholas Cage:


6. Where would you most like to travel?

Nowhere. I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space, so I don’t need to go anywhere, and besides that I’m really lazy.

7. What is the best thing about blogging?

Gaining followers to bend to my whims, Mwahahahaha! Also having a platform with which to talk about my books and try to drum up some interest in them. Also, evil laughter. Mwhahahahaha!

8. What is the hardest thing about blogging?

So many blogs out there that are worth a good look, one hardly knows where to start, especially when one is socially awkward.

9. Do you believe in ghosts?

No. I’ve been in the confidence of many in the past, but they’ve always let me down, the bastards.

10. What did you have for lunch today?

Steak Chianti Fettuccine and Peas. From Waitrose. Coz I iz well posh. (well, the peas were from ASDA).

Also, I now have over 20 followers! Yay!


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