The Tree of Dread and the Salacious Selena

Well, it’s Friday, which means today is picture day, yay!

First, since I said I would, the family tree of the heroine of ‘Ah-Seti-Ten the Dread’ and the much bigger tree of the family she’s sold to. Take note; not all of these characters will appear in the book, especially the ones who are already dead at the start of the story, and many can be saved for sequels should there be any. But I enjoy making a large family tree to start with so I can really flesh out the world more, even if it’s only in my own head.

Dread Tree

Those underlined in green, incidentally, are ‘The Chosen’–people born with powers.

Now the Selena. I said before that the ‘Selena’ were the main aliens in the ‘518’ book; it’s their empire that takes over Earth, though Fredeks, Saraketeisians and Wykens are all a part of that empire. I knew what I wanted them to look like for some time, and when I have a strange creature I tend to want to draw them.

But as I’ve also said… I’m not the best artist in the world. Behold my first attempt at realising the demons of my imagination!

Selena A

Well, it’s certainly demonic! (Note the scribbles to the side where I was trying to coming up with a numeral system for the Selena, who use base seven rather than base ten) The biggest problem here is the face, it’s far too cartoony, so on my second attempt I concentrated on fixing the face…

Selena B

And I do think the face looks better. But pretty much everything else is wrong. The tails are static. The body has no depth. The armour is two-dimensional. The arms went completely wrong, so I ended up covering them in more down (which also ended up looking wrong), and I didn’t actually want the arms covered in down.

So I was going to have to do the thing I hated most. I was going to have to put some actual effort into the drawing of a semi-realistic figure. Dun dun DUN!

I found Michaelangelo’s David on Google and used it to copy the lines of the body–not exactly, but enough for the body to actually have some lines. I decided not to add texture to the mane (which is made of a down-like substance, rather than hair), put the arms in a less awkward position, and made the armour stand out, and the tails move better. I also added a splash of colour to the finished drawing so you guys can get an idea of that side of things, though in my imagination the colour was a lot more varied, with darker blue spots mottled on the light blue, like the blue poison dart frogs the Selena was partially based on.

The head ended up being a bit too big, but anyway, here it is, I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labour 🙂

Selena C


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