Portraits of Despair

The ‘despair’ refers to me being a bad artist, I’m not actually drawing Despair.

As for the portraits, that refers to our subject for today. People, a word I can no longer hear without thinking of Soylent Green…

So, first up we have a drawing I did over two years ago now, when I first started Dolorelamia. this was the first drawing I ever did for this book, though not for this particular world, as I’d started a comic a long time ago set in this world, a comic sadly hampered by the fact I couldn’t be bothered to learn how to draw properly, and decided to set my assassin-flees-from-person-whose-family-he-murdered story in that same universe, 300 year in the future where it was all steampunky.

Jared and Friends

This is the (I guess), ‘hero’ of the story, Jared, and his friends. Jared isn’t the protagonist, but he isn’t really the antagonist either, and he and the MC have to work together. You may recognise some of these characters from the post I did about writing in 1st person a while back, and can see I deliberately put a ‘1’ in amongst the exclamation marks as a joke to myself. Truly I am a bastion of wit. As for the MC himself…

Regan Siblings

This is him and his siblings in age order, of which he is the second oldest. Yes, that makes him the blond one, and yes, he is a crossdresser. It’s not really a plot point or anything, he just showed up in my imagination dressed in a skirt and from then on I couldn’t imagine him out of one…

Anyway, I think this drawing is slightly better than the first one, but these pictures really are just for me to get an idea of the character’s physical form, rather than for the sake of art–I leave such things to the legions of fan-artists I shall no doubt acquire in time.

Lastly, we have the three main characters I’ve created for my NaNo project. They and their story have been floating around the ether of my brain for a while, and I drew them just this afternoon. Xiang and Elodie’s skin are both too dark, while Tarquin’s is too light, as he’s not actually a corpse, but I only have so many felt-tip pens!

Sure, I could have used pencils, but I prefer felt-tips because they’re… funner.


So you can’t really see Elodie’s features too well (also, she kind of looks like a boy, but I don’t really mind that so much) though that is the colour I imagined her as more or less, while Xiang looks closer to Middle-Eastern than Chinese, but it was either that or make him the same bright yellow as Tarquin’s hair, and that would probably have just looked silly. Maybe he’d taken a trip to the tanning salon that day…


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