Verity Commentary: The Life and Times of Dawn Talbot (Part II)


Chapter Eight

A dead cat appears on Perdita’s doorstep the next morning, either a gift from Nathan or a threat from the Polish werewolf mafia, I’m guessing. Perdita and her family are surprisingly nonchalant about the whole thing, saying a predator must have got it. Uh, I don’t live in Ireland-land or anything, but how many vicious predators are there running around central Dublin?

Oh, I forgot—this is the village of Dublin.

Much gossiping about dad and dad-girlfriend (her name’s Erin, he doesn’t have a name yet that I’m aware of), Tammie and Joey, and Perdita and Nathan ensues, and then Perdita goes over to Amelia’s house to meet Uncle Byron and the rest of the pack.

Oh, and the grandfather’s name is Jakob. SUBTLE!

Pages upon pages of irrelevant talking ensues, but it’s worth it when Dawn shows up to tell everyone there was a dead rabbit in her garden and then leave again for no reason!

Then Perdita goes home to hear some backstory from her grandmother about how her mum and dad got together and broke her grandfather’s heart and he died and then her mother ran away because she couldn’t handle married life. Stirring speeches ensue.

Chapter Nine

And there’s the halfway mark. Funny how less and less happens in these books with every one I pick up, huh? Well, at least we have Dawn!

But things are really beginning to perk up now, with Amelia giving Perdita a tarot card reading! (I wonder if she’ll get the death card?) Well, we start with the three of swords, meaning Perdita had a past of conflict, pain and heartbreak, not that we’ve heard anything about this so far but I suppose the card is referring to her having arguments with her dad about wearing jumpers—truly a deeply traumatic event.

Then she gets the two of cups, which signifies the beginning of a new relationship, and then… OMG! The DEATH card! I totes didn’t see that one coming!

Then Perdita has a major big fight with Tammie over… uh… something, and bursts into tears. Amelia calls Tammie a cow, Perdita tells her to mind her own business, Amelia flounces—DRAMA!!! (or what passes for drama in a novel that was supposed to be about werewolves). Perdita and Amelia make up almost immediately, but it looks like the dream team is broken up 4 evah, so sad, but then Dawn shows up to say she got attacked by a huge dog last night!

But that’s quickly forgotten about in favour of more teen drama. It’s not really worth recounting, though Perdita and Tammie do make up. Sort of. And then they all go to Aaron’s house party.

Chapter Ten

Random creepy stalker-guy shows up again, but fails to distract Perdita from Nathan telling her to be nicer to Abbi. Who’s Abbi, and how is she important to the story so far? The answer to that is.

Then the party happens and Perdita thinks she hears a dog but doesn’t find one. The excitement never ends in Verity, even when Nathan and Aaron have a dumb brawl over Perdita.

But it’s time for a ‘tell mee whatz happennin/itz tuu dangirus!’ conversation, followed by twu wuv’s first kiss. Aww.

And then a werewolf finally shows up.

Chapter Eleven

Well, it only took us three quarters of the book, but this is a short book, so I guess I can understand it. As Nathan and Perdita are smooching, a giant wolf/dog/canine/thing appears in the road to growl at them, and once again it’s Holy Grail time.


Perdita runs to Nathan’s house so Uncle Byron can rip his shirt off (and turn into a werewolf or something) and the wimminz hide in the house while the menz go out to fight the werewolf off page. Then they come back. Excitement!

Perdita figures out that they’re all werewolves now, whoop-dee-doo, and Nathan says she must never tell anyone, like, ever. Also that he doesn’t use mind control to make everyone like him, he’s just that likeable… somehow. (yeah, I’m calling bull on that one)

Chapter Twelve

Nathan’s grandma pops by for a nice spot of backstory and exposition. Apparently back in the 18th century Nathan’s ancestor turned into a werewolf and killed some gypsies—and you know what that means! Curse time!

So this curse is that everyone in the family will only have one child—a boy, who’ll wander the earth in search of their soul mate until they find them and have another kid, and the curse will only be broken when a daughter is born into the family. Man, what a dumb—uh, terrifying curse!

For some reason, Granny gave birth to twin boys, Nathan’s dad and uncle Byron, and Nathan’s dad had Nathan and then Amelia, so everyone thought the curse was broken, except it wasn’t. Does this mean that Amelia was the ‘abomination’ from the beginning?

Oh, and Perdita is Nathans soul mate. What a twist!

Perdita is mad at the family for not telling her everything (like she’d really have believed them) thinks the whole thing is screwed up (it is) and Nathan tells her that the werewolf-soul mate always dies young, except Granny because she became a werewolf too. So why don’t they just make all of their soul mates into werewolves? Who knows?

So Nathan’s dad probably killed his mum due to werewolf rage, and Nathan and Perdita can’t not have a kid because of… reasons. Nathan will go mad or something. Couldn’t they just wear condoms?

Well, kissing ensues, and Nathan says maybe the other group of werewolves showing up was just a coincidence because he’s a moron.

Chapter Thirteen

With the weight of the werewolf revelation Perdita decides to try a new approach, and starts thinking—the most shocking plot twist so far. Well, the only plot twist so far.

But since she’s not used to it, it doesn’t get her very far, and the next day Tammie is a big meanie again, and Joey seems to be really uncomfortable with her meanie-ness. She snaps at Perdita for ‘copying her’ by getting a boyfriend, hahahaha, and then the evil werewolves show up in their human forms of those random creepers so they can do nothing.

Nathan’s family doesn’t believe it’s them though, until it’s pointed out that it obviously is and they’re being stupid. But, nothing comes of it except more generic wisdom spouted from Granny, so Perdita goes home and has dinner with dad and dad-girlfriend.

Chapter Fourteen

Nathan comes over to meet the family, and Perdita’s dad is… totally fine with him. And Tammie’s still being a big meanie for no reason. Drama ensues over Perdita’s deadbeat mother, but we do learn that her dad and grandmother’s names are Stephen and Ruth, so that’s something. (they were probably mentioned before, but they’re not exactly engaging characters)

Then Perdita goes over with Amelia to her house and gets attacked by werewolves, running off into the woods. They’d better hope they’re not in an episode of Midsomer Murders, or they’ll be done for!

Chapter Fifteen

Taking a leaf from Killer Croc’s ‘Fightin’ fer Dummies’, Perdita throws a rock at a werewolf. It’s Not Very Effective. Enemy werewolf uses quick attack, but Nathan shows up to save the day. Perdita claims that without Nathan there to give her strength she’d have ‘lost the plot’, so I suppose that means Perdita’s had the story’s missing plot this whole time and was saving it for a rainy day.

So the rest of Nathan’s family turns up, and it’s Mysterious Blonde, Mysterious Grey and Mysterious Redhead versus Nathan, Uncle Byron, Granny, and Grandpa Jacob—uh, Jakob. MORTAL COMBAAAAAAAT! *insert music*

But Nathan is Not Very Effective against blondie, so Perdita jumps on her back and pokes her in the eyes. My God, I don’t believe it—a YA paranormal romance heroine who actually does something!? Other than whine, cry, heal people, or jump off buildings, I mean? Woooow. This is an important day.

Sadly the grandparents have been offed by Mysterious Grey, so Perdita goes to hit him with a stick—his one great weakness. And he dies! /Phelous. Crap, the YA paranormal romance heroine actually iced the big villain!

Jakob survives to chase off the other wolves with Byron, but Granny’s definitely dead, sad tiems. Perdy feels guilty for killing the slobbering monster (why?) and they all go home for tea.

Chapter Sixteen

Now that the action is over, it’s time for boring talking. Once Nathan is finished with that, it’s time for a family meeting, where Perdita suggests they call the police. Byron says no, because of how, you know, dumb that idea is, and Nathan gets all pissy about him telling his twu wuv what to do, so Byron tells him to shut da fuk up.

Well, I know who my favourite character is!

(not counting Dawn, of course.)

Byron says they have to leave to avoid more werewolves but Perdita says no, that would make her just like her mother, because running away when your life is in danger from bloodthirsty supernatural creatures is exactly the same as running away because meh, you just kind of feel like it.

But Byron’s overruled, and they decide to stay and face off the other werewolves if and when they come, because that’s the best idea when you have no idea who these people are or what their numbers are like.

And so our story ends, with Perdita restating how she and Nathan are soul mates and have a really strong bond. Insert 007 joke here.


Hey, we had a prologue, so why not?

This seems to be from the villain’s point of view, which is good because otherwise we wouldn’t have known that they actually had names—Ryan and Willow, and the Grey guy was Willow’s dad. She’s angry at Perdita for using the dirty stick over the head trick, but Ryan says it was his own fault for being allergic to sticks. Or careless, one or the other.

They’re working for Vin, the guy from the start (remember him? Why would you?) who’s holding Ryan’s family hostage and…

Oh, that’s it. Well.

*drums fingers*


Final Thoughts

After the bores of Inescapable and Delirium, Verity was a breath of fresh air, isn’t that right, Dawn?

Dawn says yes.

Anyway, me and Dawn are taking Patch the camel to get his new wheelchair fixed, I would have brought my best friend but she’s turned against me for no apparent reason and hates seeing me happy ever since she began  dating my cousin.

If only I had my werewolf soul mate here to comfort me! Unfortunately he dumped me for a high school student who was secretly an angel with butterfly wings. What a fucktard, I’m going to get Dawn to push him over in the school cafeteria and call him a freak. Isn’t that right, Dawn?

Dawn says as long as there are no mysterious shadowy figures who attack us for no reason in the last chapter.

You tell, ’em, Dawn!


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