The Maps to Nowhere

Yes, it’s time to forget about my shoddily drawn characters and move on to my shoddily drawn maps–they serve their purpose though, so only I’m allowed to criticise them.

The first masterpiece of cartography is for ‘Dolorelamia’, and is a map of the two main continents in the world of that novel, though there are two more that don’t really feature all that much until later books.

Map of Ellietland

Our main character Elliet, his family, his best friend and his arch-enemies Jared and Inspector Vindemar are all from the southern continent and the country of Skelara, the largest of the red nations. Among Jared’s friends (in case you’re looking at last week’s drawings of them) are Kitora, also from Skelara, Heron, from Trinite, the second largest of the green nations, Shenmahkon, from Rix, the largest of the pink nations, and Radioret, from the northern continent and the northernmost country on that continent: Yehstalt.

The different colours indicate different majority religious affiliations, except for the purple line which denotes the former Rixian Empire, and in Yehstalt there’s a blue dotted line running down the middle which indicates the territory currently under occupation by the neighbouring country of Deimenstalen in the second book, which takes place mostly in Yehstalt. Time zones and the equator have also been marked.

The other world of my own construction is that of ‘Ah-Seti-Ten the Dread’, and here is the map for that land, also divided up by majority religious affiliation, though I didn’t put time zones or an equator on this one; I drew it in a hurry once I realised I was going to be putting quite a bit of geography in the first chapter.

Map of Orinetpholand

Our heroine hails from Nietszenti, one of the blue nations in the west south of Lilenti, which her fellow slave Sukemi comes from (if you were reading my recent excerpt from this novel, you’ll recognise her). They were sold in Farsuchia, the yellow nation in the far south-eastern part of that half of the continent, and are headed off to Quanten Island, the largest province of Aro, the most prominent of the nations of the other half of the continent.

South of that is Cieterik, which doesn’t really play a part in the novel, though there are characters from there present, so for now it’s just an outline.

Next week will be the first day of NaNo, but I’ll still post my artwork, with the temporary book covers I’ve drawn for Dolorelamia, Rooks of the Knot, and my NaNo project which has recently been titled ‘Shaedai’.


3 thoughts on “The Maps to Nowhere

  1. I love the maps and the detail of the time zones and equator. I’ve never thought about putting those in any of my maps but its a great idea. 🙂


  2. rachelloon says:

    Thank you very much for the comment and the follow, I’m enjoying your blog as we speak (I notice you too have some Arthuriana on the go, and have signed up to the madness of NaNo). It made sense for me to put in time zones because the people in this world are advanced enough to have invented aircraft, though recently. I also decided to mix things up a little by having things get hotter the further north they went, rather than the other way around, which meant my characters would be in the southern hemisphere of their planet, so I put the equator in to mark that out 🙂


  3. […] there, bones and ghouls, about two years ago you may remember I posted my drawings of these ( ) maps to give you some indication of… uh… […]


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