My Cover-Stories

Well, they’re not really stories so much as ‘I’m so tired i couldn’t think of a better pun’-ies

Yep, I’m a day late due to work and tiredness, so for this weekend only I’ll move picture day to today and review day to tomorrow. Yay.

Current NaNo Wordcount: 5691

So, covers. On Authonomy and now on NaNo you’re given the option of uploading a cover, and particularly on Authonomy it’s a good idea to do so as it attracts readers and makes them more likely to put your book on their shelf.

Well, I couldn’t be bothered with finding out how to deal with what may or may not be a copyrighted image, so I just drew all my covers myself, tweaked them a little in photoshop and posted them. Here they are in order of being drawn:

Dolorelamia Cover copy

The big monster thing is, in fact, Dolorelamia itself, though in the novel it only appears in a painting… sort of. It didn’t go quite as well as I’d hoped, though I like the background.

RotK Final

Here we have some Rooks, flying near an ‘Endless Knot’ which is a medieval symbol of protection and is what the forcefield that covers London is called.

Nano Cover copy

And the symbols you see here are the family crests of four of the Custodian families in Shaedai, the green is de Alvear, the black is Okino, the red is Lang and the blue is Rhys-Revailler Constanton. Names subject to alteration if they turn out to be unsuitable, though I hope not because I like these ones. Also I added my own name, in case I forgot who I was.

And there you have it; one blogger who’s a lot more tired than she should be. Good night!


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