It’s A Christmas Miracle!

The miracle is that I’m posting something.

All is well in Rachelloonland, my meagre excuse for a social life decided to pop up and delayed all the stuff I had planned to post, that and my usual laziness, but never fear! More is coming.

I have purchased a professional cover design from CreateSpace, which was fun. I hope it turns out all right, and then you can all pay an exorbitant price for my book. In the mean time, I will evaluate the Christmas specials I have watched so far:

Midsomer Murders: Pretty Good.

Strictly Come Dancing: Pretty Good.

Call the Midwife: Okay.

Doctor Who: Terrible.

I’m sure everyone agrees with me on those. Except for everyone, that is. Christmas dinner was a partridge in a pear tree, except instead of being in a pear tree, it was in bacon. Anyway the real present is that I’m still not going to post my commentary of Throne of Glass. You can all enjoy life for a little longer.

Merry Humbug, Earthlings!


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