The Doom Draws Ever Near…

It’s funny because there are some drawings in this post.

Anyway, seeing as I forgot I have an actual job I have to do, I haven’t posted anything for a month. To make up for it, here’s four drawings I’ve done; three from Rooks, one from a new project I like to call ‘The Long Road’. I was going to post a drawing I did for Shaedai, but that one didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, so no dice on that count for now.

But first, news of the Rooks publishing adventure. Rooks now has an official cover which I purchased from a createspace designer, using their Custom Cover Premier service, and I think it turned out very well, so a big thank you to whoever designed it 🙂 I’m now waiting for a sample copy to arrive so I can make sure it’s printing properly, and then I can put it up for sale and publish it on Kindle too, so one could perhaps buy it as a Valentine’s gift?

Nothing says romance like a post-apocalyptic dystopia, amirite?

And now for the pictures. First is one I drew a while ago, and there are six main POV characters in Rooks (actually there are eight, but the other two only get the prologue and epilogue respectively), so I wanted to do a portrait of all six of them two-to-a-page. Four are now complete and these are the first two.

Rooks 1+2

Tryamour is wearing the garb of an Order of Guinevere novitiate, a religious order in the book which Tryamour has long hoped to become a part of, while Palamon has vaguely medieval style clothing. I imagined Camelot as having fashions ranging from all eras–though that isn’t really made clear in the books as there’s no opportunity for it; you all know how much I love info-dumping, after all.

Next, two of the characters who are sort of villains (they’re pretty evil, but there’s no good guys and bad guys in Rooks), one of whom only shows up in the epilogue, the other who doesn’t show up in the first book at all. But he does have a big role in the mini-prequel set I’ve been working on.

Lathyrus and Harper

I was trying to go for a camouflage look for Lathyrus’ trousers, and I don’t think I quite managed it, but I still kind of like the effect. Also he skin should be darker than it is, but again the next felt-tip up on the darkness scale is the colour of Harper’s hair, and that would have obscured her other features. The thing on Harper’s face is a tattoo of some holly.

Then a selection of some of the main characters from ‘The Long Road’ (I know, I know, it’s another one), and here you can tell I really went all out because I actually drew in a background. But of course, with the blue sun/purple sky/black desert combo being the Long Road’s USP, I felt it was appropriate. Also, there’s a tree.


Roika Valko is our main character in this novel, and the black blotch on his face is not a tattoo, but rather a symptom of an unknown disease. the white blotches around Vision’s coat are supposed to indicate that it’s sparkly, Viri’s hair should also be white but it looked too weird, and the Queen of Bells’ hair should be dark brown. not black. Other than that I was quite happy with this drawing.

And finally, a little cartoon of my six Rooks POV characters. Look, Palamon’s jumping for joy because I actually posted something!

Rooks Cartoon


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