Good news, everyone! I’ve gotten over my writer’s block for Shaedai, and am even adding a few hundred words to Rooks 2!

Okay, so I don’t think I told anyone but my NaNo group about my Shaedai-block, but they’re probably the only ones who care, and even then only just; so I think I’m justified in that. To celebrate, here’s a little picture for you. In ‘Shaedai’ the world is split into regions of various sizes according to which family is responsible for Shaedai-Human relations in that area, and this is a map showing roughly what those regions are; there are 49 in all not counting the poles, though some are too small to show up here:

Ritual Map

Anywho, Shaedai has 19 out of 33 chapters written up now, and as several of the later chapters are (if all goes according to plan) going to be shorter than earlier chapters, I’d say it was over 2/3rds done. There’ll be editing, of course, but I don’t like to do redrafts and have been editing as I go, so that shouldn’t take long when the time comes.

As for Rooks, that’s very nearly all ready to go. I’m going to have to figure out how to get it on Goodreads and try and get it a TVTropes page… if only I knew how… oh well. I’ve been thinking about what the fandom–


Oh well, the draft was saved, so it’s not a problem.

As I was saying, I’ve been thinking about what the fandom for Rooks will be like when it inevitably becomes a bestseller. What will the most popular ships be, and who will be hated in the fandom? Will characters get the portmanteau couple names, like SanSan, or Hannigram, or will it be more like Yugioh fandom where every pairing gets its own special term plus the word ‘shipping’, like Wish-Shipping, or Puppy-Shipping.

Not that I like any of the above ships of course, ha ha ha… nothing to see here…

But I have come across people who get really upset over portmanteau shipping names, because… well, because apparently they don’t have any bigger problems in their lives. Good for them, I say! So I’ve decided to come up with all the shipping names myself. I am now in control of the fandom, Mwahahahaha! (it’s a fandom that so far contains only me, so that’s pretty easy).

Since ‘word’-shipping might give spoilers away, we’ll stick with portmanteaus–to begin with for the six main characters. (Unghared is underage, but people are always writing age-up fics, so I’ll include her, and Venn and Constance too)

Tryamour X Palamon= Talon
Tryamour X Dorigen= Dynamo
Tryamour X Yvain= Tryvain
Tryamour X Unghared= Tryhard
Tryamour X Degare= Trigger
Palamon X Dorigen= Palador
Palamon X Yvain= Palain
Palamon X Unghared= Palared
Palamon X Degare= Degamon
Dorigen X Yvain= Dove
Dorigen X Unghared= Ungharigen
Dorigen X Degare= Derrigen
Yvain X Unghared= Unvain
Yvain X Degare= Devious
Unghared X Degare= Unread

As for other popular pairings involving the main six…

Tryamour X Launcella= Trounce
Tryamour X Emelye= Tremelye
Tryamour X Griselda= Tryselda
Tryamour X Avenable= Venomous
Palamon X Silentia= Salome
Palamon X Martin= Malmo
Palamon X Gowther= Power
Palamon X Launcella= Pancella
Paloman X Lyonetta= Pancetta (this is a stupid pairing no one would ever write. I just wanted a ship called ‘Pancetta’)
Dorigen X Arthur= D’arthur
Dorigen X Avenable= Vengeance
Dorigen X Val= Valdor
Yvain X Avenable= Vervain
Yvain X Silentia= Sylvain
Yvain X Val= Evil
Yvain X Martin= Everton
Yvain X Piccadilly= Vandal
Unghared X Mason= Unsung
Unghared X Constance= Instance
Degare X Gowther= Dowry
Degare X Silentia= Silare
Degare X Val= Devil

And there would be many more, no doubt, but for now I think I’ve wasted enough time. Actually, that’s a lie, you can never waste enough time as far as I’m concerned, I just have YouTube videos of cats I have to watch. I came up with these off the top of my head as I was typing them, so they’re subject to further alteration and really don’t mean anything at all.

Except Pancetta–that’ll be the twist ending to the series.


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