Portmanteaupia II: Pictorial Boogaloo

I don’t even know what Electric Boogaloo is even a reference to, I just heard it somewhere, or something like that.

No matter, for now it is time to amaze and astound my audience with some more appetite-whetting pictures from my artistic arsenal. I promised small portraits of each of my six Rooks POV characters and so far have delivered two, today it is time for the other four.

Rooks 3+4

This is Dorigen Lelille and Yvain Newitt, (did I give the surnames of Tryamour and Palamon last time? If not, they’re Dumont and Pentas-Luna respectively). Dorigen is supposed to be a lot chubbier in the book, not obese or anything but definitely someone you’d think was overweight on seeing them for the first time–so there’s another thing I apparently can’t draw. She’s wearing the uniform of the Order of Merlin, which is basically the University of Camelot, and is a first year physics student there.

Yvain is dressed in more modern, casual clothing–it suited his personality more as it’s simple and Yvain really isn’t the type to pay any attention to his clothes. And for our final two protagonists…

Rooks 5+6

I accidentally drew these two too far down the page, so their feet are cut off. Oops.

Unghared Fitzgarter is significantly younger than the other POV characters, and I has something of a Victorian doll look going on. Her hair is shorter than it is in the little cartoon I did two posts ago, but that cartoon was… apparently something I wasn’t paying attention to while drawing it. Enjoy her green eyes, I’m not sure I remember whether they were blue or green in the book or if I even mentioned them at all, but oh well.

Degare Blake is one of the titular Rooks, and this is roughly what I imagined Rook armour looks like with the helmet to the side–I say roughly, you’ll find I went all out for this one and actually looked at a picture of a suit of armour before designing it, but there’s still room for improvement. Like, an Olympic stadium amount of room.

Anyway, the decoration on the armour is supposed to be a lot finer and more detailed but this at least gets across the idea that there is decoration on the armour. My future legions of fan-artists can elaborate in the years to come. Also, to me Degare’s face looks kind of dumb, but he’s supposed to have very refined features, so there’s another thing I’m bad at drawing.

But never mind, I looked at some of my drawings from like, five years ago recently, and I have improved, so maybe I’ll be able to draw to quite a satisfactory standard by the time I’m eighty-five.

So, without further ado, and to justify calling this post ‘Portmanteaupia II’ since I couldn’t think of a suitably stupid pun for a post about pictures of my characters, here’s some more ship-names for Rooks.

Aethelflaed X Pearl= Earl
Aethelflaed X Lyonetta= Lionel
Aethelflaed X Val= Valflaed
Aethelflaed X Piccadilly= Flickle
Aethelflaed X Avenable= Fabled
Piccadilly X Val= Pickle
Piccadilly X Lyonetta= Lion-lily
Piccadilly X Mason= Pixon
Silentia X Gowther= Silver
Silentia X Val= Valiant
Silentia X Blanchefleur= Sylfleur
Blanchefleur X Elfrose= Elfleur
Elfrose X Pertelote= Pertrose
Pertelote X Alcuin= Porcupine
Alcuin X Val= Valcuin
Val X Gal= Twingarter
Val X Gowther= Valther
Val X McKenna= Valkenna

I’ll leave some of the other characters out for now. See you tomorrow when I’ll finally rip the Throne of Glass Band-Aid off and show you all what lies within that barely healed wound…


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