The Grandiose Unveiling

The time is now. Well, actually it’s 22:11 GMT, but if I make another joke like that someone is definitely going to shoot me through their computer screen before I get to tell you all about this world-changing event!

Yes, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for… ‘Rooks of the Knot’ Book One is available to buy from Amazon and Kindle as of now… and by now I mean last week. Actually it’s been out longer than that in print form, but I wanted to wait to tell you about it so you could get the Kindle version if you wanted to, because it’s cheaper and stuff.

So, my most excellent good friends, behold the cover of my book and be amazed!

Native Cover.4565429.indd


Resurrected on the tomb of what was once London, the land is protected by a force-field called the Endless Knot; and also by the Rooks—the soldiers who are Selected from the citizenry each year, with neither warning nor the opportunity for appeal.

For centuries following a catastrophic war the Rooks have safeguarded Camelot and cut it off from the rest of the world, but their brutality has pushed some citizens to the brink. On the 12th of September, in the year 626, an unknown assailant opens fire on a party, killing over a dozen. The next day a team of rebels infiltrates and takes over a section of Parliament, the stronghold of the Rooks, determined to be the first people to leave Camelot in over seven hundred years.

Six young people are embroiled in these events. Tryamour and Unghared become hostages of the rebels, but Yvain is fighting with them. Dorigen is trying to find out how any of this happened, while Degare, a Rook himself, is trying to stop it at all costs. And Palamon is trapped in Parliament, with the woman who once saved his life.

But all is not as simple as it appears. The rebels are aided by fanatic outsiders and a traitor somewhere at the height of power. The Knights who control Camelot have their own agendas, and no one can be sure of who to trust. It begs the question of whether the people of Camelot should fight to escape the Knot that’s tied them in place for centuries…

Or if they’re better off with the devils they know.”

Buy it here:

Or here:

Not convinced? Read this completely genuine 100% unbiased totes not kidding review that someone who might have been me wrote on Goodreads:

Still not convinced? Fine, don’t buy it, but one day the world will be mine, and then you’ll all be sorry! You’ll see! You’ll see!

AHAHAHAHAHA! *breaks off into a coughing fit* … HAHAHAHA!


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