Ira’s Visual Aids

Well, my last post was apparently very inspiring, as it got me my highest ever number of follows, so welcome–welcome all. You poor, poor people. I am just about keeping up with my target for Camp NaNo, with 10177 words so far, so with that in mind I have some more ‘518’ related goodies for you all, this time in the area of visual aids. Firstly my protagonist and antagonist, so you get a basic idea of what they look like without having to worry that my drawing skills have improved any over the last few weeks…

Ira & Shirou

I apologise for Shirou’s head looking a little funny; but that’s what happens when I try to add something like a slightly different angle to my work! As for Ira, the main points of interest in his appearence are those you probably can’t see very well; i.e. his throat and his right eye. On his throat is his vocal modifier, which should look smaller only i couldn’t draw that small. This is part of the mechanism that has replaced his voicebox so he can speak the language of his overlords; he speaks English as he normally would, a connection is his brain recognises the specific thought processes for those words, translates them into Selena and has the modifier produce the appropriate sound.

The same connection leads to a device in his ear, and that has another lead to his right eye. This eye is completely bionic, silvery-grey, and displays in text the English translation of whatever Selena is being spoken to him, hence the visual aids pun in the title of this post. It also has infra red and x-ray functions, because the Selena who designed it thought it would be cool.

Next, the Vleschwin.

518 Drawings C

Try to imagine the concept of this creature as though it had been drawn by someone who could draw. The Vleschwin has between sixteen and twenty heads, but only one brain in the centre of its armoured body. It’s a greyish yellow-brown in colour, moves by using its heads to push itself into rolling around, and is known for being one of the nicest creatures in the galaxy.

Also on this page: an upside-down list of the candidates taking the same final exam as Ira, a small family tree for Ira, and a mysterious note to myself about something that will happen in the book involving plants.

In more important news, Rooks of the Knot has been corrected so that it now has page numbers, making it the greatest book ever written. Buy it.

Or buy it on Kindle.


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