Tropes Vs. An Idiot

(No, this isn’t a dig at poor old Anita—that’s been done to death already and the idiot in this case is me. Although granted, I also think Ms. Sarkeesian is full of shit.)


Summer is almost done, and with it Season Two of This Blog commences.

(Yes, that’s why I haven’t posted anything all summer. Because my blog is structured in seasons now and summer is the off-season. This is definitely not an excuse I happened upon in the last few days to explain why I haven’t written anything in months).

During the summer I was wondering what further enjoyment an audience could get out of my blog. The Book Commentaries aside, most of what I write is about my novels, attempting the whole ‘building a platform thing’. But I was always scared to post too much about the novels because I thought that people wouldn’t want to buy the books if too much of them were already online, even though I had heard some time ago about sales improving after the books had been made freely available.

It occurred to me that in these cases making one book free would induce readers to buy more—either in that series or in any other. But I didn’t know which book I’d want to make available, and besides, only one book is finished.

So I have decided to start an entirely new book just for this blog. But it won’t be any book, no—the working title of this book is ‘TROPED’; and it’s all about taking from TV Tropes and creating an extremely clichéd postmodern lampshade-hanging novel of crazy what-the-fuckery. Satire, humour, just plain stupid, I’m not sure what you’d call it, but this is what it will be.

Each chapter will be titled with the name of a trope, beginning with ‘Ordinary High School Student’ and ending… well, I haven’t decided on the ending. It’s Space Opera, set on a colony in the distant future, and will definitely feature a Five Man Band and a Five Bad Band of some sort—and that’s exactly how they’ll describe themselves, because they’ll all be Genre Savvy, and the Fourth Wall will crack like an egg. But it will be treated seriously, because like card games, tropes are Serious Business.

There is also a twist, which I won’t reveal until later, but until that time expect the story to proceed much like a million stories before it have done, only with the characters self-aware about the fact that they’re characters in a novel.

So far the outline I have is sketchy, but the book will also feature a Designated Love Interest (my favourite trope, as you know), Fanservice, Unfortunate Implications, Foe Yay, Arson Murder And Jaywalking, a Macguffin, an Idiot Plot (probably), Deconstruction and me Not Doing The Research.

Next time, I’ll have a few images of the scribbles I’ve done for this project up for your enjoyment.


And in other news…

After doing fuck all over the summer (well, except my actual job) I’m finally getting back to ‘DUELS’ I probably won’t have it finished before NaNo, but it’s a goal to hope for anyway. I re-read what I’d written of ‘518’ as well, and I think it holds up very well, but there seem to be a few plot threads there that my present self has no idea about concerning what was supposed to happen with them. Ah well, I’ll think of something. Maybe it’s written down somewhere.

Rooks is sleeping in its tomb until November. ‘Fly’ is in the proverbial drawer until ‘DUELS’ at least is done, and probably longer, but reading the prologue again makes me want to get back to it. Everything else has sunk to the bottom of my mind, but you never know when I’ll put on my cement shoes and go swimming with the fishes again.

Wait a minute, where’s the tag bar?



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