Humble Beginnings

Yeah, so ‘a few days’ is nearly a week according to Rachelloon time. It means my life span will be almost twice that of a regular human’s, don’t judge me!

Anyway, time for the beginning of a new novel. How do you start a novel? Well, a novel is a thing in which people do things at places and then go to other places to do other things, or sometimes stay in the same place and monologue. The point is, people. In my last post I talked about how the main characters in the novel, in order to fit as many tropes as possible, would be comprised of a Five Man Band and a Five Bad Band.

I like these tropes, personally–I think five can make for an interesting group and still give you a lot of time to focus on each of the five–and I think they can be done pretty well without falling into cliches and stereotypes, which it may seem as though I’m doing on purpose for this novel, but we’ll see how that goes… Incidentally, if you’re unfamiliar with the terms I’m using, justpop them into the search engine at TV Tropes and enjoy the rest of your life on that site, because it will suck you in like a whirlpool from which you will not return.

So without further ado, let’s create our bands, starting with the heroes, because I guess that’s the done thing, however much you’d rather be writing about the villains. First we’ll take a look at my initial scribblings regarding the main characters of my novel…

Troped 1a

As you can see, various tropes have been written around the page, vague unsubstantiated ideas for what might be to come. There was a whole page of these before this page, which won’t be posted because that would be pointless. Enjoy my super-vague idea for a pun based on the ‘Bury Your Gays’ trope.

What isn’t pointless are my Five Men. Three of whom are women. Certain facts about the Hero and Lancer have been obscured due to spoilers–I’ll be writing the whole book on the blog, but I do want to give you something to look forward to 😉 Otherwise, I decided on the sexes of the group (Hero–female, Lancer–male, Big Guy–male, Smart Guy–female, Chick–female), I have no plans for a Sixth Ranger at present, but that could all change in the second half of the book.

You’ve also got one plot point attached to each of the characters. The Lancer will betray his comrades at some point; kind of typical of a Lancer, but that will have a lampshade hung on it when the time comes. The ‘Big Guy’ is a Designated Love Interest (my favourite!), so you can expect him to be beautiful and mysterious… and not much else. A kind of Stepford Brooder, if you will. The Smart Guy is a Twofer Token Minority; black and gay, that’ll get the SJWs on my side! (Lol, no) And the Chick will be Fridged, because if you are a Chick, and you’re not going to go through any development in the usefulness department, then getting Fridged is the best thing you can do for your story,

Thus the plot begins to spin a few of its threads directly from the characters. Of course, in any story the heroes are merely the re-actors, it it the Villains who are the true actors! Let’s take a look at the next page…

Troped 2a

You can probably guess from the tropes describing him that I’m crafting my Big Bad to appeal to all my personal tastes. Just adding an ‘anti’ to the front of the ‘villain’ means, almost without a doubt, they’re an author favourite. Among us authors it is generally thought the right thing to kill such characters off before they become too insufferable, but for this BB we’ll see how it goes. Also, he’s an English teacher, because that way we can reference a lot of Classic Lit.

Again, the sexes are decided (although one of them is a robot, so I suppose they don’t really have a sex), and though it is not made clear, the Dragon’s ‘Aloof Older Brother’-ing refers to the Hero, i.e. he is her brother. (search your feelings; you know it to be true!) You can never get enough evil brothers. Other tropes such as those attached to the Brute and Mad Scientist speak to their motivations, and I think it was about this time that I decided that villains would be convicts who had been experimented on by [Insert Evil Here] to be given super-powers.

As for the Dark Chick, she will be the character I’ve wanted to write ever since I read Hush, Hush. That’s right–the Mean Girl character! I am shivering with anticipation…

Speaking of, the next Troped! post will be about naming these characters, but before that we’ll have another Book Commentary Lite, featuring… hmm, let me check my Goodreads reviews… Oh. Oh my god, not that… !


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