Powering Up

Today the bad pun in the title refers to me deciding what superpowers the main characters are going to have, along with some other background information. Mostly for the villains.

Without further ado–background. Enjoy the page-marker ribbon in the bottom right-hand corner that accidentally fell against the page while I was scanning it, causing me to write over it in Microsoft Paint because I couldn’t be bothered to walk all the way over to the scanner and re-do it. I’m so dedicated. XD

Troped 4b

Winnie the android does not have genetic-experiment induced super-powers as she is an android; while Tessa and Hannah have no reason to get powers, but I decided Harbinger had secretly been one of the experiments before coming to Rhea, although I’m not yet sure how that is. He’ll have to be older than he pretends to be, I imagine. Note Harbinger is still referred to as ‘Joan’ in these notes.

The fact that his power is healing will come into play quite early on, though it won’t be made explicit at first–in short, Amy will be mildly injured and, using her power of power-copying, will subconsciously heal her injury super-quickly. This also fits in with Harbinger being, well, a Harbinger of Doom; he deliberately injures himself and sometimes those around him to practice his healing power.

Power-copying seemed like the ideal choice of power for Amy; it has the potential to give her god-like Mary Sue abilities, but I could also restrain it by having her copy only one power at a time. Either way, it makes her very versatile. Giving Cheviot two powers (because… the scientists knew he would be a main character?) to make him extra threatening also gives him versatility, and in my head telepathy is very difficult to master, meaning Amy can’t just use it against him right away. His other power is one I haven’t quite decided on yet.

Mercedes’ inta-lust power is one you might recognise as that of Alesha (sp?) from Misfits, though Mercedes is able to exercise complete control over her power, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a slutty cheerleader who isn’t a cheerleader. [Indeed, all of these powers are ones I’ve taken from other shows, but for super-powers that’s par for the course]. Adrian’s power is pretty self-explanatory, but it reflects his personality of putting up walls. Jericho will, near the middle of the book, be involved in a horrible incident that leaves him burned over most of his body, and after the 5BB find him the only way to save his life is to give him the Macguffin Serum.

(And, according to the note at the bottom, make the Jericho-doll that Cheviot joked he was going to make at the beginning for chapter one.)

Unfortunately, having a power from this serum means you have to inject yourself with a stablising drug regularly or you die; the only two exempt from this are Amy, who was given the perfected serum, and Harbinger, who can heal himself. This may be why Cheviot will not suspect Harbinger, as he will assume anyone not under his control/protection will not have access to the drug and will therefore have died. Harbinger probably left with a group who did not want to join Cheviot’s mayhem and murder scheme and is the only survivor from that group.

This leaves Twist, or ‘Luce’ as his friends call him, who gets poison claws and a madness mantra, which isn’t a super-power, but is something I’ve always thought it would be fun to write. While Twist worked on the Altercon Project (‘alter’ + ‘convict’. See how clever I am?), he was not aware that they had been using live human test subjects–when he found out by accident the Leader kidnapped him and used him as a test subject too. A bad reaction to the serum caused him to become pretty insane.

I was going to give some more backstory, But I seem to have written more than i intended to on this topic. Thus, I will return with Part II of ‘Ordinary High School Student’ soon and leave More Backstory for another time.


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