A World Divided

This is a very serious post about how polarising viewpoints in society lead to unimaginable strife and suffering, and how we all need to take a good long look at ourselves and the people around us and think about how we can bring an end to the divisions that set us apart from each other.

Pfft! Yeah, that’s a load of bollocks. In actuality this post is about more worldbuilding, or rather world-dividing, in one of my almost-completed novels, ‘The Ritual of DUELS’. (it should have gone up yesterday but I underestimated how long it would take to complete it)

Some backstory: thousands of years ago humans and non-humans made a Pact addressing how grievances between the two groups would be dealt with; that is, that the non-humans (referred to collectively as ‘Shaedai’) selected certain human families to be responsible for supernatural occurences in their respective territories (the Shaedai being the sort who generally dislike ‘responsibility’) and gave them special powers to accomplish this difficult task, with the catch that they had to follow certain rules to keep these powers. These families are known as ‘Custodians’.

At the time the Pact was made there were as many as a thousand Custodian families in the world. But families breaking the Pact, being wiped out by other families, and in some cases being wiped out by ordinary humans reduced their numbers further and further over the years, until the start of the novel, wherein there are only forty-nine.

Below are the forty-nine families, the territories they are responsible for, the colour that is associated with them and the family crest that is their symbol. NB: It is entirely probable that I’ve left some part of the world out of this list. My bad. Also, if a territory is described as containing, for example ‘the Sudan east of the Nile and north of the Atbara [river]’ it is assumed the land in question is all that which fulfills both conditions mentioned–i.e., not all the Sudan east of the Nile, only that which is north of the Atbara. There’s probably a million mistakes below–read it anyway, to find out whose territory you’d live in if my deranged ramblings were a reality.

The names given to the specific shades of family colours are taken from Wikipedia. You may remember many months ago I posted a picture of what the different territories looked like on a map. Ignore that, because things have changed a lot.

Custodians 1

Custodians 2

Custodians 3

Custodians 4

Custodians 5

Custodians 6

Custodians 7

Custodians 8

Custodians 9


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