According to an episode of MST3K (which, as you’ve probably guessed, is where i get all my information) a metaphysician is someone who does not believe you are dead… when you die.

The reason it’s the title of this post is nowhere near as inane as the above statement though, and given just how inane that reason is you can guess how accurate your average MST3K movie is when it comes to… anything. No, in this case the word is use because it has the prefix ‘meta’ in it, and that’s the theme of today’s Troped! post, in case you weren’t looking at the picture attached to this post.

Here it is again, for your perusal:

Troped 7

As you can see, your author has decided upon a sudden twist for her latest novel–a twist of the postmodern variety. Postmodernism was always a feature of this novel, what with the semi-self aware characters and the constant trope-referencing, but now I have realised that area into the novel in to an actual plot point.

That being that every few chapters the reader will recieve a blog post from the author of the novel. Not me, the author, but the author that I’ve made up to create the story I’m writing from an entirely played straight perspective. The readers won’t see this novel, nor would they have wanted to, as it’s cliched and badly written (even more so than I’m writing it), instead getting the story from the perspective of me, the author who created the author writing the story.

Does that make sense?

Readers: No.

Well, too bad, it makes sense in my diseased mind!

This novel will be written entirely on the author, Siren’s, blog–a blog entitled ‘Ninquelote Wrytes’ for super bad-spelling effect. I’m thinking about making the critic of her work a card-carrying SJW constantly complaining about the portrayal of the female characters, and despite the note at the bottom of the block paragraph have decided that the characters in the story have no knowledge of what’s going on in their author’s life. How i have decided Siren and Ilia affect the plot might give too much away at this point, but suffice it to say that the major twist in the middle is something they play a big role in.

Next time on Troped!, we begin Chapter Two.


3 thoughts on “Metaphysics

  1. W.R.Gingell says:

    Oooh, you should watch ‘Sofie’s Verden’. It’s a foreign film from a book of the same title (aka, Sophie’s World) and it’s kinda like what you’re taking about here. I saw it years ago and LOVED it. Also, ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead’. Two of my all time favourite meta movies.


  2. rachelloon says:

    I believe I read ‘Sophie’s World’ back when my parents were making me read books I was much too young to properly understand. I didn’t know there was a film. ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead’, on the other hand, enjoys a special place on my bookshelf where all my favourite films go… *turns to look at bookshelf*… or it usually does, but it seems my brother’s stolen it. What a poo-head.


  3. W.R.Gingell says:

    I saw the movie of Rosencrantz first, but I found the book in the opshop just a couple weeks ago: it’s in my to be read pile (right next to ‘William Shakespear’s The Empire Strikes Back’, both of which I’ve only thumbed through briefly). Sophie’s world I also saw the movie first, but I don’t know yet if I’ll ever read the book: I loved what they did with the movie, and I’m told it’s quite different to the book, so there’s that . . .
    My brother doesn’t pinch my stuff, but my husband keeps ‘tidying’ mine away. I feel your pain.


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