Missing The Points

Ironically, ‘The Points’ will not be missed. In fact, throughout the month of November, they will have more than fifty thousand words–providing I win, and my target for this year is actually 80k–pulling them into existence. It’s ‘Rooks’ who will, in fact, be missed, and the title of this post was just the latest on a long list of bad puns I’ve used for titling blog posts.

Allow me to explain.

For some months, perhaps as far back as February when the first volume of ‘Rooks’ was published, I’d had this nebulous sort of idea in my head that I’d be doing the bulk of the continuation of ‘Rooks’ for NaNo 2014. I could admit to myself that I wasn’t exactly hyped for this. Part of the reason I’d set this aside for NaNo was that I hadn’t been feeling very much in to writing it, and to put it bluntly I still wasn’t. Once I’d finished the first volume I was too happy to know that I’d finally finished something to accept that I’d have to get started on the second volume ASAP. But it was always there on the schedule; ‘I’ll get back to ‘Rooks 2′ in proper when NaNo comes around and be motivated to write it in order to win the challenge’.

Only it’s now prep month, and I’ve still not been feeling it. I’ve frankly been much more interested in finishing up last year’s NaNo, and in the Troped! saga-project-thing. ‘Once I finish up this last round of chapters’ I told myself. ‘Then I’ll get back to Rooks for sure’.

And then something happened. I got a new idea.

Not even for a novel, but, thanks to #Gamergate and the story surrounding it, for a ‘game’.

Yes; I heard about You-Know-Who’s game, watched Sargon of Akkad’s Let’s Play, heard it discussed all over the place for more than a month now, and I thought: ‘I could do that. Except, I could make it interesting.’

At first it was an idle flight of fancy, as these things always are. But now it’s remained in the back of my mind for weeks, going ‘write me… write me…’ and at first I tried to ignore it, then I told myself I’d set aside some time for a serious argument with myself as to whether I’d do this for NaNo or do ‘Rooks’, and then I realised that since this was what I wanted to do right now… this was what I was going to do.

Don’t get me wrong. Rooks is on hiatus, but not permanently. I’ll probably finish that before I finish this project, because what I have in mind is going to be massive, likely taking years to complete. But for NaNoWriMo 2014, my project is going to be an onscreen choose your own adventure story, and it’s going to be called ‘The Points’

Enjoy this crappy cover I photoshopped up in about an hour.

The Points copy

The idea behind ‘The Points’ is that it involves alternate dimensions and alternate versions of the same character, and depending on which choices you make, you’ll turn out to be a different character, but you’ll probably also meet up with versions of the character that you could have turned out to be if you’d taken a different path–which means writing the same scene from two or even three different points of view. There’s also action, murder, kidnappings, cults, mystery and intrigue. Presumably.

Like I said, this is going to be massive; as much as writing one novel for each of the proposed POV characters, and I was thinking of having at least twelve. Millions of words. More meticulous planning than I’ve ever had to deal with. First time writing in 2nd Person. Probably some Dubious Artwork too. No guarantee it will go anywhere past NaNo.

But I’m officially going ahead with it.

Wish me luck.

(Part two of Mysterious Stranger up hopefully on Friday. See you all then. Also, ‘Gotham‘ is still awesome).


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