Miscellaneous Mutterings of Madness

So, about this time last year I started writing a post simply because I hadn’t written anything in a few days, and ended up writing myself into doing NaNo for the first time. Friends, that time has come again, only this time the post won’t end the same way, because I’ve already committed myself to NaNo 2014.

… A general update then.

I’d like to have another Troped! planning page analysis up this weekend and then finish Chapter Two by the end of the month–for obvious reasons nothing will be done in November, and you probably won’t hear much from me in general. I do have a special surprise for Halloween night, of course…

I’m also hoping to finish Chapter 26 of DUELS and at least start Chapter 27. The next Book Commentary to go up will be Starcrossed, that’ll probably be one of the tiding-over posts in November (though given the quality of Starcrossed it might just end up one of the ‘why do I follow this whacko again?’ posts) … What else? Let’s see…

#Gamergate is officially over–unless some part of you happens to still be attached to reality, where it’s going as strong as ever… ‘Gotham’ continues to be awesome… my local sweetshop has started stocking Snapple…

Nope. Nothing’s coming to mind.

Maybe I should just get back to plotting out ‘The Points’?

The problem with that is that it requires a lot of thinking–12 main characters in 12 universes are all very well and good while they’re still following separate storylines; when those lines converge and you realise that four versions of another character have been travelling to universes where they themselves are dead in order to kill people who may or may not be from that universe and the main character starts crossing over into other universes while other versions of him are travelling to his.

Still with me? Because the whole thing is beginning to look like a tea towel my dad once had explaining the rules of cricket.

And I loved that tea towel, which means ‘The Points’ is destined to be a huge success!

(But unfortunately none of those Points were that of this post, which remains pointless. Ah, well. You can’t win ’em all)

Anywho, give me a shout if you can find me on the NaNo forums–my name is the same as it is here, and this is the photo I use:

Mr. Toad

Pretty sexy, huh? Yep, that’s me–I’ll let you wonder for yourself whether I mean the small, dark amphibian, likely a juvenile of the common toad variety, or the hand it’s crawling on. This picture was taken in the graveyard of a medieval church in Norfolk, where all the cool kids hang out. If you didn’t know that, then you’re not cool.

Until next time, wherein it is my deepest desire that something actually relevant will be discussed.


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