Late as usual. This time my excuse is…

Anyway, today we’ll be looking at timelines, what some ‘sensible’ people might have done before they started writing a word; and done for the length of the book, not just for backstory. Well, ‘sensible, schmensible’, that’s what I say! Not that that’s not what you should do when you’re being sensible, just that I’m not sensible. Ever.

(Seriously; did you see what my plan is for NaNoWriMo? I’m practically insane!)

As always for Troped! planning posts, here’s the page from the notebook o’ notes. Please note that the ‘Arbitrary Birthdays’ are done the British Way, i.e. day/month, i.e. the Proper Way. 😉

Troped 8

There’s a bit of obscuration in the Arbitrary Birthdays section, a while ago I had decided that Amy had skipped a grade because she was so intelligent, but I then realised that threw all the other ages out of whack, so I’ve discarded that plot point and decided she had skipped a grade due to her intelligence, but then had to repeat a year because of the murder of her parents.

In case it’s too scribbly–Amy and Hannah are sixteen, Jericho is seventeen but in the same year as them, just a few months older, and Tess is seventeen but in the year above. Harbinger’s age I took a while to decide on, it depended somewhat on how old he was when he volunteered as an Altercon, and thus when exactly the Altercon experiments began. Nic(k) was born in 2141–and I’ll tell you what my train of thought was on that one so you can understand the ‘I FORGOT HOW TIME WORKS!’ note and know just how stupid I am.

‘Duuuuuuh… Luce is the oldest, and he’s thirty-three, but he’ll be thirty-four later on in the year, so 73 minus 34 is 39, so he was born in 2139. Niccolo is two years younger, so he was born in 2137.

Wait! That’s not how time works!’

And it was actually a fair few minutes before that clicked with me.

The small Altercon timeline project is pretty straightforward in and of itself; it’s not set in stone and is only there to give me a rough length of time in my head, so that if I have to talk about past events, I’ll know where they are in relation to each other. The points of interest, in this case, are the paragraph at the top of the page where I lay out the idea that randomly occurred to me while I was writing Chapter 2, about Zhirenkov being replaced by a robot duplicate by his wife after Nick killed him, and that in the course of writing the timeline I randomly decided why exactly Zhirenkov had killed Regatta (Winnie’s ‘sister’).

Also I drew a compass for no reason.

That’s it for today folks! NaNoWriMo approaches fast and soon you’ll be hearing far less from me because of it, so I’ll leave you with the first remark my mother made when I let her look at the notebook I’m using to plan out ‘The Points’, this year’s NaNo project …

Mum: *frowns* …You’re writing a book called ‘The Pants’?


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