Halloween Horror

In which the horror is what you are about to read.

I mean, I know most of you are probably preparing for NaNo, or at Halloween parties right now… but I said I’d do something for Halloween, and by Dog no matter how lazy or half-arsed it might turn out, I’m putting this up before midnight!

So here it is–another entry in my ‘X the Fly’ series, written when I was ten, to absolutely no acclaim. It’s not really a sequel to ‘Diddilydum’, think of it rather as a prequel to a Fly-vengers type… thing, that I said I’d post at Christmas. You’ll need to read this one to understand that.

Ha ha ha! Who am I kidding, no one could understand any of this!



Bibbilybum was Diddilydums cousin.[1] Bibbilybum was clever energetic and very very  smelly.

Bibbilybum met  Mr Pish Posh  and they became   best enemies.[2]  Bibbilybum met Dan Druff  Anne Chovie, Tom Ato and Caeser Salad.[3] They became worst friends.

Bibbilybum treated his best friends with respect, well more respect than Diddilydum anyway! Bibbilybum’s best friend was a moth called Scarlet Fever. Scarlet knew that Bibbilybum would probably kill her so she moved to Pluto.Scarlet met Sitting Duck[4] and they became best friends.

Back on earth Bibbilybum had no best friend his new best friend had to be stupid  it had to be JamTart ![5] but jammy boy wasn’t  fooled that easily…..  wait a minute yes he was ! uh oh spagettio’s we dont want to do that. yes we did Jam Tart was dead. YEAH ! screamed everybody . 

Now Bibbilybum got another best friend … stgrucnrjdoeptbsjamcioebaonerenercoaucjisopabcjjdteikvych[6] but he was infinity years old and he died…… thankfully.

   Bibbilybum’s new best friend Lt Noin[7] was not so easy to kill, she new Colonel Zechs[8] who blew Diddilydum into SMITHEREENS and he did the same with Bibbilybum.[9]




1. While other members of this family were introduced in later instalments, there does not exist sufficient information to construct a family tree showing their connection in detail One can only assume the two protagonists are first cousins.

2. It seems the character ‘Mr. Pish Posh’ was created entirely for this one sentence–though a ‘Mr. Push Pash’ does have his own story in the file I keep of these stories. Perhaps they are also cousins.

3. Names stolen from an episode of Pokémon. I have no excuses.

4. It is unclear whether the inclusion of Sitting Duck, killed by Diddilydum in the previous instalment, means that this tale takes place before that one, or if Sitting Duck had since randomly come back to life. Either is entirely possible.

5. One of the original cast of the Peachy-Pineapple news, not created by me. In appearance, Jam Tart generally took the form of a young man in a white t-shirt, sunglasses, and an orange baseball cap.

6. See notes on previous stories from my youth for the explanation of this character. Alternatively, don’t, and save the precious minutes of your short life.

7. Another character from the anime series ‘Gundam Wing’. The right to this character do not belong to me, neither do those of Zechs Merquise.

8. Now spelled correctly. The author was improving. It must be noted that much less was done to make this story readable than was done to previous instalments.

9. Well. That was anti-climactic.

To sum up, isndiruhgsidfbsdhbtgisuhgpiousdhfbserbisuehrgiuhisvudifbgsjh the Third, was killed via a vicious beating, by the writer of this post, who was angry she missed her midnight deadline. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family. Or they would, but that would be a bit hypocritical, seeing as we killed him.

Happy Halloween! XP