Missing Word Stories: The Disdainful Man

My new scanner arrived today, so now I don’t have to use that piece of shit I was complaining about in my last post. Yay!

Unfortunately, I had no reason to scan anything, so I thought that in order to have an excuse to test it out, I’d write up a blog post that brought back some old memories–missing word stories. Apparently referred to as ‘mad libs’ by people who are not me, this is the game where you write a short story, leave some words out, and ask a friend to fill in the blanks by telling them only what kind of word you want (noun, verb, adjective… I should really know the technical term for that, damn it,) creating fun for the whole family.

I used to do these all the time back in the day, generally written in notebooks which I can now scan into my computer with my new scanner. That actually works. I cannot stress that improvement over the old one enough.

And so, for your enjoyment, I bring you the tale of… The Disdainful Man.

(This was based on the original Invisible Man movie starring Claude Raines [EDIT 24/04/15: Yeah, I love Claude Rains so much I spelled his name wrong for him!]–I was going through an old monster movie phase, and H.G. Wells phase at the same time, circa 2005 probably, making this one of my favourite movies of all time. The missing-word version is much funnier if you know the movie reasonably well).

The Disdainful Man

I hope that’s all readable. If not, don’t worry–because a picture tells a thousand words and this story was later illustrated when I got too bored studying Alan Bennett in English. The ‘Talking Heads‘ notes I’d made around the outside are therefore either blacked or whited out for your convenience, so you can enjoy the dramatic scene of Unicorn–pictured here covered in lamps–throwing a most damning accusation at the policeman and all his windows without their distraction. Behold!

The Disdainful Man Illustrated

And luckily for you, there are many more where that came from…


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