The Harrowing Hadringar

Another in my posts showing the background of ‘518‘, this is species 517 of the 518 known species in the universe in-universe: the Hadringar. (Same word for both plural, singular, and descriptor–e.g. ‘it was a facet of Hadringar culture’. Planet’s name is ‘Hadringatte’)

The Hadringar were luckier than the Humans in the book, their species was discovered by the Bani Alliance and voted democratically to become part of the Alliance rather than being taken over. However, there are enough Hadringar upset with this development that terrorist groups have formed, some of which wish to make another alliance with Humans as they (wrongfully) see their situations to be similar.

Unfortunately, the Humans have no idea what’s really going on with Hadringatte becoming part of the Alliance, and so have agreed to snuggle up to these fluffy creatures, which leads to much mayhem. Behold; the Hadringar!


The colour of the main body in this picture is darker than it should be, and in retrospect the stalks look a little too thin, but overall I’m happy with this drawing. My inspiration was simple–a fluffy, down feather had caught on a chain-link fence I was walking past, right next to some grit that kind of looked like eyes and paws coming from the little feather. Later on, I saw a little dome in the window of a sweet shop that had lollypops sticking out of it, and voila.

Fun fact: when I showed this drawing to my Mum and explained the function of the spheres, she replied, “Hm, I wonder why nothing like that ever evolved in real life…”

Yeah, I wonder why, Mum. I wonder why…

[Excerpt from ‘518’ describing the Hadringar:]


Catching the eye more than the Humans would have if this hadn’t been the first time I’d seen my own people in five years, were the Hadringar. They were about the height of a German shepherd, cotton-candy pink balls of fluff with these creepy big insect-like green eyes at one end, just above their big paws.

Along their backs were—and I hate to call them this—the lollypop-like protrusions. Long pale stalks with spheres the size of small melons tipping the ends in several swirling bright colours. They’d evolved to almost perfectly mimic a type of stationary life on their planet; a plant, for lack of a better term. That plant’s protrusions contained a nectar-like substance that attracted certain creatures to feed on it.

The same protrusions on the Hadringar contained a liquid sedative that attracted the same creatures so that the Hadringar could feed on them. That was their purpose, I mean. I imagined these days Hadringar lured their prey to themselves out in the wild about as often as Humans caught, killed and prepared their own food. Or maybe not; you could never make assumptions about these things.

There were two present in the cathedral, both with weapons mounted on the two lollypops closest to their eyes, and both with other devices strapped along their backs as well. One stood the furthest being away from me in the room, by the second entrance…


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