Simple Plan

How could this happen to me? I’ve made my mistakes. Tried to compress three novels worth of material into one–the night goes on, my motivation’s fading away. I’m sick of this life. But I got a promotion at work, so I guess it’s not all bad, how could this happen to me?

Well, that’s the musical portion of this blog post done, and in case you didn’t see the picture attached to it, the ‘simple plan’ in the title actually refers to the Cunning Plan I have now put in place to extend the first twelve chapters of ‘The Ritual of DUELS’ into a book all by itself; and it actually works out pretty well because I’ve managed to give everyone nine chapters each and we get a whole nine theme going on–thrice to thine and thrice to mine and thrice again to make up nine.

So if 3X3 is three squared and 3X3X3 is three cubed, what do you call three to the power of four? Anyone know how to do shapes in four dimensions?

Anyway, my motivation is actually pretty good for this, I’ve done 500 words of the new Chapter Two and hope to do a few thousand tomorrow while some painters come to re-paint our bathroom ceiling. And good for them; because we mentioned it to the landlord when we moved in, and it’s only taken them three years to attend to it!

There’s that magic three again. Seriously, though–I usually don’t plan for a book this much, but it’s actually kind of nice to know exactly how everything is going to go… and even nicer to have more than a third of it already written, as you can see in the plan. (Oh yeah… there’s spoilers there, in case you were really desperate to save yourself any knowledge of this book I’ve barely talked about before I get around to finishing it)

The New Plan

In my Lazy Investigation into the Hugo Awards news, you might remember I was going to put a post up on the weekend about that. That has been postponed to next weekend, because I’ve decided to do it differently to what I initially said I would, by looking in depth at all the short fiction nominees for the past five years, starting with the year we’re living in now. Which is 2015.

At least I hope it is. Your thoughts, fourth dimension experts?


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