The ‘Needs’ of the Many…

Re-blogging this post I did like a year ago because I believe it just became relevant again, from what I’ve been seeing on Twitter. But I guess I’ll see for myself when I watch GOT tonight. 🙂

Rachelloon Productions

Yeah, I haven’t posted in a few days because I was busy watching cartoons—uh, I mean hard at work. Because I have a job and stuff. Anyway, I couple of days ago I was flipping through channels when I heard someone talking about Violence Against Women on TV, and how they wish shows would stop ‘resorting’ to it.

And I’ve heard stuff like this time and time again, usually under the stamp of how ‘unnecessary’ such action is. You don’t ‘need’ to make a villain use Violence Against Women for people to know that he’s a bad guy—or in the case of ‘Game of Thrones’, one of my personal favourites (and also favourites to complain about), to show what a horrible world they all live in.

Well, they’re right.


Let’s be frank here. When people say you don’t ‘need’ to have people beat some women up in your…

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