The Three-Body Problem: SOLVED!

Just in case any mathema-physicists happen to come across this post–no. I have not actually solved the three-body problem. But I have finished a book called ‘The Three-Body Problem’ and drawn a cartoon in which one of the characters in the book solves the problem of their upcoming alien invasion!

Unfortunately, the other characters don’t listen to him. Their loss.


I hope you enjoy my exceedingly imaginative rendering of the Trisolarans as vaguely humanoid shadow-blobs. It took me a whole three seconds to come up with.

(I’m afraid this is it for today, but tomorrow I’ll probably blather on about something else; my concluding thoughts on 3BP, my posting stuff on Wattpad, tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones… the possibilities are endless!)


One thought on “The Three-Body Problem: SOLVED!

  1. jabrush1213 says:

    I found this interesting on how the other characters interact around each other. There is a two person conversation and another character trying to chime in. I found the drawing was able to show what was going on during the entire time.

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