Tools of Procrastination

Hey everyone, this isn’t my usual type of post, I just wanted to share these two test/quiz things with you in case you needed to entertain yourselves for a few minutes.

For my fellow readers:

And for my fellow sci-fi/fantasy nerds:

Hope the links work, and thank you to the people who brought them to my attention; here are my results–


(Really hope that works. [EDIT: It didn’t, so I re-took the test, screen-capped the image and pasted it. Got a better score the second time too!] By the way, I totally cheated by already knowing the book the sample came from)



(This one didn’t have an ’embed’ button, so I just screen-capped it. Funnily enough, when I looked at my results in full I found my alignment to ‘Chaotic Evil’ was pretty much just as high as my alignment to ‘Chaotic Neutral’. Go figure) XD


One thought on “Tools of Procrastination

  1. jabrush1213 says:

    Procrastination is the worst. Definitely, not easy to start something you don’t want to do but have to anyway.

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