A Birthday Surprise! (It’s an Award Nomination).

Sorry, I ruined the surprise 😦 (I’m not sorry at all).

There’s also a birthday card I did for my Supernatural/Frozen-fan cousin in this post, which is why the word ‘birthday’ is in the title. I’m putting it here so my readers can entertain themselves with it, should it turn out they don’t care that I was nominated for an award.

But they should care, of course, because I haven’t posted anything in four days and they should be glad for any paltry scraps I give them by now, mwa ha ha ha ha!


The award in question is the Encouraging Thunder Award, ( http://encouraginglife.co/about/encouraging-life-blog-awards/ ), and here’s it’s logo:


Hopefully that image will show up in the actual post. These things go wrong often for me, like the washing machine we tried to unhook in preparation for the new one being delivered tomorrow totally flooding the kitchen today. I mean, at least it didn’t blow up or anything, which I now know is a thing, but still…

The person who nominated me for the award was Caroline, at http://carolinepeckham.com/ , much gratitude to her, (and apologies for not putting up this post sooner; that damn washing machine has been taking up a hell of a lot more time than any household appliance ever should 😡 ) be sure to check out her blog if you’re interested in fantasy authors’ blogs, and the people I’m going to nominate for the award are…

Crap. I don’t know what the etiquette behind nominating people for awards is; I pretty much suck at blogging. I’ll just nominate the last person who nominated me for an award, because they’re pretty cool:


And we can move on to the homemade birthday card. This one’s for you, fans of Supernatural and/or Frozen (also of Gundam Wing, which was mine and my cousin’s first shared fandom. You can see our respective favourite characters from that show eating cake in the background as a tribute to that special time in history) :

Lesley's Birthday Card 2015 - Image Only


Dean: “Of course it’s possessed, Sam! How else could a snowman survive in MAY!?”

Zechs: “This will end well.”

Balloon: *is green*


And there you have it, back to the grindstone of writing ‘Ritual of DUELS’ for me!(The cake, incidentally, is monochrome flavoured.)(Monochrome isn’t a flavour. That’s the joke.)


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