Jumping the Dragon

Guess what TV show this post is about!

(And guess what my opinion of the latest episode was…)

Yep, it’s happened–for the first time in years something that happened on a TV show has actually upset me. Not just annoyed me; that happens all the time, but actually upset me. I’m even writing a stupid blog post about it because it upset me so much, knowing full well no one cares about my opinion on Game of Thrones.

You know, I’ve heard it said (usually in what I imagine to be a snooty, condescending tone) that Game of Thrones the TV show has become more like a fanfic of A Song of Ice and Fire than an adaptation. To some extent I’ve agreed with that, but then–I like fanfiction. I like Game of Thrones fanfiction. I’ve written Game of Thrones fanfiction for crying out loud. And I like(d) the show–though I haven’t ‘loved’ it since Season 3 started. Hell, I really liked last week’s episode.

But this week’s episode was the chapter of this particular fanfic where I hit the back-button, and unless the finale reveals that what happened this week was a bad dream-sequence–and seriously, I would forgive them even that hackneyed cliche if it undid what was done this week–I won’t be coming back for Season 6.

Two weeks ago I was defending the show, I know, but that was when a change was made that I thought was good. I like the alterations to Sansa’s storyline. I love the alterations to Tyrion’s. I’m glad Jon Connington and Quentyn Martell were cut from the show. But Shireen’s death this week was a bad change. A very bad change. And to the story-line which in the books is the one I care about the most. (Team Dragonstone FTW!)

Personally, I’ve never felt the show did justice to Stannis’ character, but I’d learned to accept that even though he’s one of my top three favourites from the books. However, what he did here is wildly inconsistent even with their own characterisation of him; and here’s the thing–I would have accepted it to be within his character, book or show, to sacrifice Shireen to Rhollor; if he was 100% sure it was the only way to save the world from the White Walkers–and only then.

But this? Two episodes ago he told Melisandre to fuck off for suggesting it. One hiccup later and suddenly he’s like, ‘well, throw her on the bonfire, I guess,’ just so he can capture Winterfell. It’s the same way they screwed up the sacrificing-Gendry (Edric in the books) storyline, only way worse because it was a greater sacrifice, for less gain, with even less assurance that it would work because there was too much other stuff going on this season for them to build up properly to it. It was stupid.

*Sigh*. Well, never mind. I’m going to find some other TV show to binge-watch so I can take my mind off it. Though I have to say, for the first time I’m now looking forward to Winds of Winter coming out despite my foreboding at how it would inevitably screw things up, because at least I know it won’t screw things up as badly as this.

I’m going to look like a whiny idiot next week if it was all a dream sequence…


6 thoughts on “Jumping the Dragon

  1. I think they might have “sequelitis”. It’s a disease where the adaptation of a book, or the sequel in a franchise, has to have more visceral shocks than the original, to supposedly make up for interior monologues the audience can’t read.

    There are lots of shows I can acknowledge the excellence of, but still declare “not for me”. I’m entitled to have boundaries I don’t want to witness being crossed. I wouldn’t watch “Hannibal” either, though it’s universally lauded, and other realistic-styled shows about things like child murder. Game of Thrones is one I’m still hanging in for, but it has definitely gotten too dependent upon rape and torture scenes for me to love it the way I do my favorite fantasy shows like Doctor Who.

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    • rachelloon says:

      Me, I’ve no problem whatsoever with graphic violence and other disturbing material, but characterisation is everything; and visceral shocks can either compliment that or try to replace it, and in this particular case it’s definitely the latter.
      I’d recommend giving ‘Hannibal’ a try, (though it does disappear inside its own navel sometimes), especially if you’re comfortable enough with violence to watch GoT. There’s an element of the absurd to it that has some people, myself included, find a kind of very dark humour in the whole cannibalism thing. So many ‘I’d love to have you for dinner’ puns on that show… so many puns… 😉

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  2. W.R.Gingell says:

    I don’t watch GoT (won’t watch anything with rape scenes, don’t think it’s something that should be watched as ‘entertainment’) but I agree with you that characterisation is EVERYTHING. I stopped watching Taxi: Brooklyn for the same reason. It’s especially bad if they’ve changed stuff and then haven’t been true to their changes (Peter Jackson’s last Hobbit movie- I’m lookin’ at YOU).

    It’s just BAD WRITING.

    (Do love the fact that you admitted the first reason you didn’t like the changes while being ambivalent about the others, was that the changes were to one of YOUR favourite characters 😀 Not many people admit to that 😀 Nice to see some honesty.)

    (Also, do you JUST LOVE my abundant usage of gratuitous CAPS at random moments and the proliferation of parentheses?)

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    • rachelloon says:

      (Oh, I love me some parentheses 😉 )
      With these being my favourite characters in the books I can admit I may not be the most objective judge, but I honestly think this was the worst case of character derailment from an objective pov as well. Most of the changes the show has made have been plot changes, not character, but there have been some glaring ones–the one that comes to mind being book!Robb Stark going from sleeping with someone in a moment of grief and believing the only honourable thing to do after that to be marrying her; thus ruining the alliance he’d made already vs. the show where he just falls in love with a random woman and decides to break his previous engagement for twu wuv. But what’s upset me here is (not /entirely/ out of nowhere, because it’s an eventuality that I’ve heard discussed due to some themes of the story, but still, as it stands it’s practically incomprehensible) a guy deciding to murder his own daughter in a storyline that was simply not in the books. And this is after a previous storyline which made him decide murdering innocent people was something he wasn’t going to do!
      Part of the problem is they split the third book across two seasons (understandable; as the third book is usually sold as two books), then to make up the space, smooshed books 4 and 5 into one season. (even though book five was also split into two books). They’ve cut masses of stuff out, most of which I’m honestly not sorry to see go, as the endless boring subplots are a widely-held criticism of the books–but it’s still not enough, and the story is beginning to become a bit incoherent; with characters doing things that don’t make sense. I kind of feel like the showrunners are wanting to get rid of this character and his entourage in order to simplify the story, and making him do this is a part of that.
      … sorry, looks like I had some more rant left in me there. I’ll go do something else now! XD

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  3. jabrush1213 says:

    I can’t help but love GoT even with all the mistakes. This has been the worse season so far though.

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  4. raulconde001 says:

    I love Game of Thrones. I haven’t seen the last season, though. I am following you now! 🙂

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