Safe As Houses

So for the last few weeks I’ve forgotten to actually post anything about my novels–you know, that whole thing this blog was supposed to be about? And this made me think, what better way to spend my time than to steal an idea from another writer/blogger, and write a post in which I sort all the major characters in my novels into their Hogwarts houses!?

You’ll agree that was the most obvious decision, of course.

I had a lot of fun doing this–more than I strictly should have come to think about it. There’s a tendency for Potter fans, I think, to do their imaginary sorting according to their perception of the Houses, and not what their basic characteristics are actually supposed to be. In the old days when I was in the Harry Potter fandom, a lot of people saw Slytherin, for instance, as the house of Goths and counter-culture because they thought the author and main characters ostracised them, when in fact I think the the culture of Slytherin was very much traditionalist, and the ostracising quite explicitly came from them–which made sense because adherence to traditional values tends to make you a ‘safe’ choice for advancement to your ambitions.

However the four basic traits of those houses; courage, diligence, intelligence and ambition, can be exemplified through many facets–both positive and negative. A religious fanatic can be courageous, for example, and a civil rights activist can be ambitious. It’s how you use your skills that define who you are as a person, and I found myself very amused by how many of the ‘good’ characters ended up in Slytherin, or ‘bad’ characters in Gryffindor, though indeed the opposite was also true.

As you can see from the notes I made, I also included the second most likely house for the character, which I also found interesting. I thought up houses for both primary major characters and secondary major characters, but I’ll expand on the primary ones only below for a sentence or two so that I still get in some time to do some proper writing today!

And in case you’re wondering, I have–by process of elimination–placed myself in Ravenclaw, as I lack ambition, am not particularly brave, and am the least hard-working person on the face of the earth, but I do like learning about stuff sometimes.

Thanks to Jackie Smith for the idea! (see here: )


(Characters from ‘Rooks of the Knot‘ [available now from Amazon or on Kindle] incl. all pov characters, even the two who don’t really show up until the next book)

Tryamour: Hufflepuff. She has chosen to join a religious order that basically revolves around performing domestic chores for the community, after all; and though she is more interested in the academic side of the Order than most of her sisters, that’s more of a hobby than a life’s purpose for her.

Palamon: Hufflepuff. Poor Palamon–Hufflepuff by default. He tries so hard, but the whole series of terrorist attacks he has to deal with kind of leaves him out of his depth.

Dorigen: Ravenclaw. Although she is very ambitious about achieving status in the Order of Merlin, Camelot’s scientific academy, in her heart it’s all about gaining knowledge for its own sake.

Yvain: Gryffindor. Going up against the totalitarian government of Camelot is pretty brave, I’d have to say. And he exemplifies the darker side of bravery as well, when one does not always think things through before taking massive risks with their own or others’ lives.

Unghared: Gryffindor. From a family of mostly Slytherin this was a difficult one, but at her core I think Unghared is an extremely dutiful person, and even at a young age wants to try and defend the weak; though she and Yvain would have opposite ideas on what this would entail.

Degare: Gryffindor. Bravery is an essential characteristic for a soldier, and he shares a lot of his character traits with Unghared, although ultimately, his bravery is going to come into play when it comes to accepting himself, and his role in life.

Gideon: Slytherin. Her (yes, Gideon is a girl) ambition is twofold–one, to stay alive (you’ve got to stat somewhere!) in the employ of a total psycho, and two’s a spoiler, but she’s very goal-oriented either way.

Alex: Hufflepuff. A particularly spoilerific character, though you can meet him in my prequel to Rooks which is on Wattpad, here: . At the end of the day though, he just wants to do what he can to help out his friends. Which sometimes involves assassination.

(Characters from ‘The Ritual of DUELS‘–the three pov characters, their ‘Seconds’, and the interlude character)

Xiang: Gryffindor. Definitely Gryffindor. Of the happy-go-lucky, adventurous sort that doesn’t always properly risk-assess the situation, but laughs off his mistakes. Not so easy, is laughing off the prophecy made about his untimely death, but he perseveres nonetheless.

Tarquin: Ravenclaw. Would rather shut himself up in a library and study history so he can point out all the mistakes in various period pieces than interact socially with others. Over the course of the book we see his lack of ambition for anything else may be something of a pretence though…

Elodie: Gryffindor. Anger issues easily frustrate her when it comes to anything that requires patience; hard work, learning, moving up in the world, but Elodie also has a heart of gold that sees her want to put herself forward for those in trouble. Sometimes.

Lei: Hufflepuff. Her life is devoted to service to Xiang’s family, and other familiars of the household fear her catching them idle.

Niradara: Gryffindor. Why exactly I have chosen to focus on his courage is something of a spoiler–for most of the books he is a very mysterious character.

Quiterie: Hufflepuff. Like Lei, devoted to Elodie’s family, but as a member and not a servant. Being Elodie’s stepmother requires endless patience, and she must keep trying to earn Elodie’s acceptance.

Isabella: Hufflepuff. As the Princess of Two Worlds, she has a lot of work ahead of her, and all signs point to her being up to the task, though her personal desires don’t always align with her duty.

(From ‘518‘. Uh… the first characters that popped into my head until I ran out of space on the page)

Ira: Gryffindor. This was one of those interesting ones. Initially I was going to put him in Ravenclaw, but I realised that in fact Ira was very brave, though neither he nor most people would think of him that way–they would in fact think the opposite, because his bravery was to make a choice that most would think immoral, but certainly wasn’t ‘safe’.

Shirou: Slytherin. Ira’s counterpart; his ambition is to take down the alien empire that has taken over the earth–a tall order for one man, but he’s giving it his all, and he has a plan that’s not entirely on the up-and-up, so to speak…

Nate: Slytherin. Wants to serve the Selena empire as best he can, but also wants to rise as high as he can within their ranks. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he can get kind of irritating.

Freddie: Gryffindor. A particularly violent, snarky, and easily baited alien on a wheel, Freddie is almost fearless; and when your species’ females routinely cannibalise their males during mating, you kind of have to be.

Ling: Gryffindor. Shirou’s partner in the mission to free the earth from its captivity, though for him this is far more of a personal issue through which he can resolve certain demons that have little to do with the conquest of earth–which is certainly not to say he doesn’t care about that!

Georgia: Ravenclaw. While she too certainly desires to see an end to the occupation of earth, her passion for learning about alien cultures does not stem entirely or even mostly from this desire, and would be happy to be the resident ‘alien’ expert for its own sake. Also feels a moral obligation to show off share her knowledge ;).

Rio: Hufflepuff. It’s all about putting 100% effort into serving the Empire, somehow with room for an extra 10% to make sure others do to, but unlike Lei from ‘DUELS’, he’s a lot gentler about it. Not so gentle in the heat of battle though.

Art: Ravenclaw. Happy as he is to serve the Empire, his heart lies in what he can learn about the universe in all fields of knowledge, and he is particularly interested in solving puzzles. Rejects anything nonsensical.

Leo: Gryffindor. Rio’s brother and leader of the occupation on earth, Leo is something of a glory-hound, but fiercely protective of his loved ones to an extent most Selena are not. While he would always do what was best for the Empire, he has been known to challenge them on occasion.

Theo: Ravenclaw. Leo’s scientific advisor; the Spock to his Kirk, so to speak, and unfailingly eager to prove his vast intelligence in useful inventions for the Empire–but has been known to be a touch insubordinate.

Hyde: Slytherin, and not just because his species is exceedingly snake-like. Hyde has advanced to an unprecedented position for someone of his species’ ranking in the Imperial Hierarchy and is ruthless in getting to the bottom of any investigation that comes his way.


That certainly took a while to write. Feel free to make your own lists, my fellow nerds!


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  1. jabrush1213 says:

    I am a huge Harry Potter fan, I think it is great that you are able to describe your characters based on the houses at Hogwarts.

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