The Job: A Tale of Revenge and Murder!

Hello, blog-readers! The worst writer on wordpress has returned to give you all an update on what I’ve been doing since I posted a cartoon of a purple vampire sheep a few weeks ago. The answer is: I have a (relatively) new job! One that requires me to actually go into work sometimes; I have to get dressed in the mornings and everything, it’s awful!

In fact, it’s so awful, I poured my feelings out through the medium of art to share them with the world. Behold–having a job!

The Job 1 The Job 2 The Job 3 The Job 4 The Job 5

I’m sure you can all agree my fears are very realistic. I might require my workplace to put trigger warnings on the filing cabinets from now on.

Incidentally, my cartoon-self appearing bald in this graphic novelette is representative of what my new haircut feels like, and not because I was too lazy to draw hair. Even though I did this comic weeks before my recent hair-cut. Timing!

There is other stuff I want to post, but in all seriousness I just have no motivation during summer months–I don’t know why. Last year I claimed my blog ran in ‘seasons’ like TV shows, and if that remains the case then I guess this counts as a holiday-special post (for the holiday of… *checks Twitter*… #blackcatappreciationday!) until Season 3 starts in September.

Also in all seriousness: I love my job really. Hope you all loved this post half as much. 🙂


One thought on “The Job: A Tale of Revenge and Murder!

  1. jabrush1213 says:

    Ah yes, sometimes we have those days at work.

    Liked by 1 person

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