Rainbow Snail Initials and Another Poem

Initials in Snails

Because who doesn’t end up writing their initials in snails after a while, am I right!?

[It’s R.N.S.I., for those of you who were going to point out what a bad artist I am]

As for the poem I threw together while trying to think of something to write while I was at work and should have been working (complete with pretentious font-changes accentuating the words… and just overall pretentiousness) …

Writer's Block

In case the image is difficult to read:


Writer’s Block


The opposite page is still blank.

Loop your florid lines of ink all you like;

It’s been blank the whole time.

You scour your Tabula Rasa,

And struggle to make it rhyme.


*slow claps self* …damn, I hate poetry! One of these days I’m going to write a poem about it…


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