Poem (and Doodle): Hikikomori

Well, it’s another short poem from me, I’m coughing them up while I prepare for this year’s Halloween treat (while also preparing for NaNo), and this one comes from a notebook next to a note that says ‘Revamp ‘Hikikomori’ so it doesn’t sound so dumb‘. The original poem was longer, and did sound pretty dumb, but the more time I spend a-poeming the less dumb my poems sound. To me, anyway, I’m sure they sound plenty dumb to the rest of humanity, lol.

N.B.: ‘Hikikomori’ is a Japanese term that describes a certain type of reclusive shut-in, and at one point came very close to describing me. For this piece I’ve filled up my pretentiousness-quota by referring to a poem by Tennyson; no prizes for guessing which one. Enjoy. 😉




The reflection of the view outside my window serves me fine;

For my masterpiece, one colour will suffice.

Indeed, these days the curtains take the brunt of the sunshine–

Protect me from the doom within the ice.

Thus in my skin I harden into stone;

An island, suited for a writer’s home.




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