#NationalPoetryDay : The Snail (A Self-Portrait)

Just like me to post a poem the day BEFORE the day that turns out to be National Poetry Day. Well, once I heard someone at work mention it, I just had to write another one; and when you’ve been looking forward to another day of entering files onto a spreadsheet, writing poetry just ends up a chore, let me tell you!

Anyway, read on for the answer I know you’ve all been waiting for to the burning question of ‘why does this person identify with snails so much’? Enjoy it; it’s more upbeat than my usual offerings 😉


The Snail (A Self-Portrait)


At the speed of slate and dressed in black,

I carry a world upon my back;

In a waterproofed pack (while I get wet).

The end of the book is a long way yet.

There’s awe in the shell, if not in the face,

And I, the King of Infinite Space–

The most awkward creature you’ve ever met!




In other news, I’ve just added this year’s novel to my NaNo page; so if you’re doing NaNoWriMo, and especially if you’re doing history, supernatural or generally weird shit next month, feel free to look me up–I’m Rachelloon there too.


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