Sheep Knitting in Top Hat

Psst! I painted this plate, guys–praise me for it!

Sheep in Top Hat Knitting

Every year the Workshop I work for goes down to London for a ceramic-painting Christmas outing; and this was the sweetest of the fruits of my labours. A little ‘meh’ next to the fruits of the professional artists I work for, but my Mum liked it, and at the end of the day that’s about as much as I can hope for all that matters. 😀

Seriously though, none of the pens they had wanted to work for me; it was so frustrating! Anyway, Happy Bah Humbug to both my religious followers, and anyone else who happens by–hope to be giving you all a short story for the new year!


Alphabet Dupe

Okay, so I made an Alphabet for all you guys who are still learning to read, hope this helps with understanding my future blog posts!

Ha-ha, nothing could make my blog posts anything close to understandable–truly, they are beyond help!

But I did spend the last few weeks designing these letters whenever I felt the mood strike me, and I suppose I could insert a lot of florid prose here about the importance of the letters themselves, both to the writer and as their own art form, but I hate florid prose, so I’ll just let the picture tell its thousand words…

Penned Alphabet

Yep. Those are definitely the letters of the alphabet that are used to write words in the English language that I write in.

And just so you all know how hard I worked on these while I was sitting at home with no reason not to instead watch the Sky box set of S2 Da Vinci’s Demons in anticipation of S3 since the S2 DVD that was supposed to be out in mid-April has been delayed yet again to the middle of November… where was I?

Oh yes, these are my practice sheets.


And just so you all know how hard I worked on this when I was supposed to be filling out forms at work, I also put together a little MS Paint collage of the letters I practiced in my notebook at work. Enjoy the edges of a few words from the nearby jottings of ideas for that novel I’m going to do for NaNo, scattered throughout the work:

Practice from Owl Notebook

Anyone have a favourite letter? Mine is ‘R’, obviously–so intuitive you can see I didn’t even need to practice it. Truly, it is the best letter of any alphabet!