The Troped! Saga-Project-Thing

Since I’ve learned how to do Pages and stuff, here’s another page for your convenience.

In September of 2014 I decided I would write a new novel, a project whose planning and composition would take place entirely on this blog. Troped! (Working Title) is a postmodern satire based entirely on clichéd tropes, following the story of Amy Turner, an Ordinary High School Student living on a Colony in Space in the twenty-second century, who dreams of becoming the heroine of a YA action adventure franchise that will make its author millions. Or was that just my dream?

She and her Designated Love Interest–plus their Five Man Band, must do battle against a Five Bad Band of escaped criminals; who, as you would expect, have superpowers due to genetic experiments. Then, halfway through the book, things get weird…

Chapters of the book can be found here–and will be added to as they are written:

Chapter One, Part One:
Chapter One, Part Two:
Chapter One, Part Three:
Chapter Two, Part One:
Chapter Two, Part Two:

Planning Posts include (and will also be added to):

Starting Up:
Naming the Characters:
The Beginning of Plot:
Deciding who gets what Superpower:
Some Villain Backstories:
A Postmodern Plot Twist:

Alternatively you can just browse my ‘Troped’ category, but I think having everything on this page makes it easier. Avoid the planning posts if you don’t want spoilers–there is one that will remain hidden until things, as I said, get ‘weird’, but there are a lot of smaller ones available right now. Alternatively, avoid the actual chapters if you think the whole thing sounds like shit.

Be seeing you! 🙂


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