Rooks of the Knot: First Light

A while ago I was writing some short, novelette prequels to that novel of mine you can buy here: on your local Amazon site, or on kindle. Personally, I recommend the kindle version, as it’s cheaper, though the hard copy did come out very nicely.

Anyway, a few days ago I started posting part of the first of these prequels, ‘First Light’, to my wattpad page here:

You don’t have to have read the book to understand the prequel; in fact, with this particular prequel it won’t help you much at all because the characters in this prequel are only vaguely mentioned throughout most of the text in the main novel and only actually show up in the epilogue (spoilers!), but they do play a big role in the second book, or they will if I ever actually write it.

Next NaNoWriMo. I promise! Anyway, this is the blurb–the first 4000 words are up in 4 parts, with another thousand words uploaded every day for the next two weeks, so check it out if it sounds interesting to you.

“A side-story to my YA dystopian novel, ‘Rooks of the Knot’, set three years prior to those events.

Almost a thousand years in the future, the world we know is gone. Thousands of miles of land and ocean away from Camelot and the Rooks (known as ‘Privateers’ to outsiders) the former USA has its own problems to deal with, as five major power blocs struggle for control of the continent.

In their midst is No-Man’s-Land, land uncontrolled and mostly unwanted by the five powers. But in No-Man’s-Land is a research facility; a facility controlled by the totalitarian Arcadia, within sight of the loosely-governed Republic of Greater California, and recently destroyed by fighters from the United Empire of the Caribbean–somehow leaving no survivors on either side.

But why? And what had the facility been researching? A group of popular vigilantes based in California called ‘The Six’ have come to investigate, along with a most unwelcome group of scavengers working for a powerful drug baroness. One member of the Six, Rosebud–called ‘The Georgian’, is plagued by her connection to this baroness, her doubts over her leader’s actions, and by her lack of knowledge concerning one of her teammates, the mysterious ‘Prophet’.

But Rosebud has to keep her head. There are a thousand different dangers in the world she lives in, and something all new and possibly more dangerous than any other hidden within this facility…”

Native Cover.4565429.indd


2 thoughts on “Rooks of the Knot: First Light

  1. jabrush1213 says:

    Definitely, have to read this book now. It looks like a very interesting read.

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